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An Orcish Kind of Hero Gameplay Trailer

Screenshot 2016-05-17 21.42.06

The new gameplay trailer for An Orcish Kind of Hero is now live on YouTube! Stop by and check it out. Also, don’t forget to go and buy the game so that you can join in the fun!

Announcement: of Charitable Action for All Games

With the purchase of any title from Mordavian’s Games, you will be helping charity. It is really that simple. Mordavian’s Games is dedicated to making the world a better place and there is no time like the present to get started.

10% of the price of every single game that is sold will be going straight to charity. The charitable cause will change from time to time and you can keep up on the latest here.

We are starting off with Child’s Play Charity, which is an organization that is dedicated to helping give kids in hospitals something to pass the time. They donate consoles to children’s hospitals across the US, Canada, and a few other territories.

Why are we doing this? Is it for tax breaks or some kind of credit? Nope! It is simply because it is the easiest way to make an impact on the world, no matter how small. So help out now by buying a game!

YouTube Channel!

Moldavian’s Games now has a YouTube channel, and to make it even better it even has a video! There is a short Let’s Play type of video for An Orcish Kind of Hero that you can check out at your leisure. More is obviously going to follow, but for now that is all there is. If you have a video of An Orcish Kind of Hero, or any other game from us, then let us know and we can add it to the planned Fans playlist!

Let’s Play – An Orcish Kind of Hero

New Game Engine

While I am waiting for the amazing graphics for Rings of Saturn to move along, I am at a bit of a stand still in development. I don’t deal with stand stills very well. I need something to keep me out of trouble! That is why I have decided to take a look at a different engine. I have selected GameMaker: Studio since I have some assets already available for a platformer and GameMaker seems to be what is needed to get moving with that type of a game.

The installation process for GameMaker was pain free, which is a real plus for me. Sadly, the first upgrade destroyed my installation. I was getting a variety of errors at various different stages of loading and working on my project. With some creative editing of the registry and some search and destroy operations on my hard drive I was able to completely remove GameMaker and then the install and immediate update worked without issue.

The next thing that I noticed was that GameMaker uses a high level programming language, but it is not C# like I am used to and prefer. This is not terrible, but it is slightly annoying that I have no choice in programming languages. Am I knitpicking? You know it! I enjoy knitpicking, so I will go on doing so.

To be honest, however, I am enjoying my time with GameMaker. It is something different, but that was the point. I am making progress with my side scrolling platform adventure and I can’t wait to share it with the world!


New Domain

Everything needs to be perfect. I need the perfect domain, the perfect host, the perfect theme, the perfect posts, and all to show the world all of the perfect games that are being made. Sadly the world is not a perfect place.

I have bounced between a couple of different domains over the past year looking for one that met all of my needs. In the mix-up, however, I managed to cancel one account before the transfer of my old domain was complete and it is now lost in limbo. That means one of two things. Either, I am going to have two domains, which was a wish anyways. On the other hand, I might just end up with this domain that is even better most likely!

I am hoping that this is going to be the last change of this kind, only time will tell. Until the next major website related issue, however, I will be getting back to work on Rings of Saturn!