Taking the Unity leap



Unity has been bugging me for a while now that I should update to version 5. Actually it is version 5.0.2 since I have waited so long. Due to the fact that I am still in the alpha phase for An Orcish Kind of Hero, and Rings of Saturn is on hold, I feel that now would be the best time to make this leap.

Unity has released a lot of tools with Unity 5 in order to make the transition as painless as possible. While this is a great idea, it is a bit lacking if you use anything except for the built in Unity tools. That just happens to be the case in An Orcish Kind of Hero. There were some things that I wanted to do a little bit differently than how Unity basic implemenation is so I did. Now they don’t work anymore. I don’t anticipate a lot of extra effort to fix these issues, but this will have one noticeable side effect

The next alpha release will contain, hopefully, the same game as the previous release. In the code there will be differences and it will be based on a different version of Unity, but the plan is that the player won’t notice any difference.

As always, any feedback at all is greatly appreciated. Until then, enjoy!

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