Orcish Hero Alpha Test Update 1

I just wanted to let everyone know that the first update to An Orcish Kind of Hero is now live on Itch.io. Since I am still learning, I am not sure how to do an official announcement through the site for an update, so I am doing it the old fashioned way. Blog post, tweet, facebook status, and Google+ update! Have those been around long enough to be called old fashioned yet? Moving on!

Here is the important information:


  • Less slide while walking
  • Actually see all the credits
  • More enemies!

Coming soon:

  • Attack the enemies
  • Options menu
  • Background music
  • Longer first level
  • More levels!

Please keep in mind that not all coming soon features will make it in the next update. They are simply a short list of what is planned for the near future.

Now get that download going and enjoy!

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