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Orcish Hero Alpha Test Update 1

I just wanted to let everyone know that the first update to An Orcish Kind of Hero is now live on Since I am still learning, I am not sure how to do an official announcement through the site for an update, so I am doing it the old fashioned way. Blog post, tweet, facebook status, and Google+ update! Have those been around long enough to be called old fashioned yet? Moving on!

Here is the important information:


  • Less slide while walking
  • Actually see all the credits
  • More enemies!

Coming soon:

  • Attack the enemies
  • Options menu
  • Background music
  • Longer first level
  • More levels!

Please keep in mind that not all coming soon features will make it in the next update. They are simply a short list of what is planned for the near future.

Now get that download going and enjoy!

An Orcish Kind of Hero now available on Itch.IO

download now

Just a quick note to let you know that An Orcish Kind of Hero is now available on Itch.IO! Stop by and check it out. Also, don’t forget to come back and let me know what you think of it.

Progress Update for An Orcish Kind of Hero

Orc Thumb

The experiment is taking on life! While I have moved away from GameMaker: Studio and went back to Unity3d, I am still making great progress on it. So far it is possible to move the Orc around on the screen, jump, jump through platforms and land on top, trigger the attack animation, fall to your death, and run through a debug level.

There are still some issues with jumping and walking along the ground (collision detection issue) that need attention. I would also like to add some more content to the test level. Perhaps even some plants to make it look more appealing and less “empty”.

I know this is a short update, and might seem pointless, but I wanted to let the world know anyways. Also of note is that I will be starting alpha testing soon. I will be needing some testers (their choice if they will be credited or anonymous) who are willing to look at it and who understand that it is alpha testing. If you are interested then drop me an email!