Monthly Archives: January 2015

New Domain

Everything needs to be perfect. I need the perfect domain, the perfect host, the perfect theme, the perfect posts, and all to show the world all of the perfect games that are being made. Sadly the world is not a perfect place.

I have bounced between a couple of different domains over the past year looking for one that met all of my needs. In the mix-up, however, I managed to cancel one account before the transfer of my old domain was complete and it is now lost in limbo. That means one of two things. Either, I am going to have two domains, which was a wish anyways. On the other hand, I might just end up with this domain that is even better most likely!

I am hoping that this is going to be the last change of this kind, only time will tell. Until the next major website related issue, however, I will be getting back to work on Rings of Saturn!